Housing & Residential

House of Van ‘s Family

The Old Indochina Bank, Phnom Penh. The building was originally constructed as the first branch of the Bank of Indochina in Cambodia around 1920. Located on a corner site on Street 106 with streets on three sides, one elevation faces the Post Office. In the 1960s it became the offices of the Chip Tong Company, […]

Residential Project (2010) to be completed by end of 2012

Site Dimension: Frontage Approximately 15 m, Depth 35.8 m Site Area: Approximately 557 m2 Height: Unlimited Zoning Area (Air Right): N/R Maximum Allowable Zoning Area for Commercial Use Approximate Gross Area of Proposed Building: 3,708 m2 (12 floors) Proposed area to be built on in the first phase: 2,168 m2 (7 floors), Post-tension structure. Proposed […]