House of Van ‘s Family

ClientVan 's Family
SkillsMulti -businesses, Trading, Insurance, Import& Export, and Others
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The Old Indochina Bank, Phnom Penh. The building was originally constructed as the first branch of
the Bank of Indochina in Cambodia around 1920. Located on a corner site on Street 106 with streets on three sides, one elevation faces the Post Office. In the 1960s it became the offices of the Chip Tong Company, and after the civil war was returned to use as a bank, this time the National Rural Bank of Cambodia.
Renovation of the building began in 2003, with the aim being to retain the architectural features while providing well serviced office space for businesses and institutions. The building contains fine floor mosaics, wooden paneling and plaster-work, which have been retained and cleaned. The redecorated exterior remains unchanged.
By Van Poleng

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Historical Colonial Style

This building was surveyed to keep as the as-build for a conservation purposes. French and Khmer hybrid ornaments are created by the architect to express of how the classical form of architecture and perfect ratio to draw in every line to apply in the facade element and style.

A second to none in Cambodia as seen the most beautiful architecture , as it served for a former Indochina Bank branch in Indochina. The concrete building, masonry  wall lining to decorate as granite blocks, red fired bricks, wooden-glass window with perfect proportion ( golden ratio), and hardwood interior decoration in very details.

This building is the one of the only two buildings ( other one built in Saigon, Vietnam) constructed to serve for the French Colonial Territory in Indo-China . 



ElevationEast side
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East Elevation

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